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  • Ryan Haecker (President)

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  • Matthew Fell (Junior Treasurer)

  • Sebastian Milbank (Outreach Officer)

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De Civitate Hominis Doctoral Programme
Situated at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and supported and financed by the Conference of the Rectors of Swiss Universities


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Peterhouse is the oldest of the Cambridge colleges, founded by Hugo de Balsham, Bishop of Ely in 1284 and granted its charter by King Edward I. The College has made its own distinctive contribution to society for over 700 years, surviving the Reformation, Civil War and the upheavals of every century since. It remains the smallest college in terms of number of Fellows and students, but as the late Noel Annan put it in his 1999 survey of the universities and society, this small College has always had "an intellectual influence … out of all proportion to [its] size".

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